We help submit and process marriage applications.

Philippine Marriage

Processors is an organization devoted to helping you complete and submit the documents required for your 

wedding in the Philipines

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Marriage Procedures

Getting married in the Philippines

can be a complicated maze of paperwork and involve a lot of waiting in lines at government offices. You will also spend time finding and scheduling a

solemnizing officer / priest

who may not be easy to find. Submitting documents to the proper authorities, attending

family planning seminar

s in a hot tropical climate, and the stress of being in a foreign country may be an overwhelming experience for you.

We save you time and effort

We offer a quick and secure way over the internet to get your

marriage application

started, the legwork to obtain the required documents, and the additional guidance for you and your fiance.


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Philippine Marriage

Processors is not a match making service nor a mail order


service, and is not engaged in the matching of


s with foreingers. We simplify, and speed up processing of

Philippine marriage


Philippine Marriage

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